Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Fact- Chewing sticks damage gums

A professor of Restorative Dentistry, Prof. Sam Akpata, has warned that as medicinal as chewing sticks are for the teeth, it could also damage the gum.
Akpata, said this at the 2012 World Oral Health Day with the theme: “Prevention of Dental Cares: How do I Avoid Holes and Aches In My Teeth,” in Lagos.
He said that chewing sticks contain anti-bacterial properties which could damage the gum and could only be removed using fluoride and calcium containing toothpastes.  Chewing sticks damage gums
The restorative dentist also advised parents to ensure that the families eat diets that are free of processed foods, adding that these could lead to tooth decay.
Akpata said, “To avoid tooth decay, we have to control the level of sugar, sweets, chocolates and cakes we eat by reducing snacking.  Parents should protect their children’s teeth by cleaning them morning and night with baby -friendly tooth pastes. With this oral hygiene, they would become resistant to decay as they grow up.” Chewing sticks damage gums
He also called on the Federal Government to provide potable drinking water which contains the right amount of fluoride to protect children from fluoride poisoning.
 Also, the President of the association, Dr. Olurotimi Olojede, urged the Federal Government to make provision for the inclusion of dental health in the National Health Insurance Scheme.
Olojede also called on government to implement laws that could regulate alcohol and tobacco consumption to reduce incidences of oral cancers in the country. 
 Fact- Chewing sticks damage gums