Saturday, 19 November 2016


Why do I feel this way when I'm with you
Why do I feel so nervous when I think about you
Why do my heart rate increase when I hear your voice. 
Why do I love you this way. 

Why do I sleep and dream about you
Why do I read and you come to my mind
Why do I have to say your name in all my conversations
Why do I love you this way. 

Why do I laugh anytime I'm with you
Your voice serves as dinitrogen oxide to my soul
Why do I feel relieved knowing you're safe 
Why do I love you this way. 

Why do I get to happy when you're happy. 
Why do I feel depressed when you're sad
Why do I laugh out so loud to your jokes
Why do I love you this way. 

Why do I smile whenever you sing
Why does your voice sound like that of an angel
Why does it give me both Tachy-  and Brady- Cardia
Why do I love you this way

Why do I feel sad when you're not around me
Why do I feel sick when you're not with me
Why do I feel weak when I don't see you
Why do I love you this way

Why do I hold your hands whenever you're around 
Why do I feel your heartbeat when you're close
Why do I want to fall in love again with you
Why do I love you this way. 

Why do I get scared of the thoughts of losing you
Why am I so scared of missing you
Why do I get this goose bumps when I feel you're insecure 
Why do I love you this way

Why have I chosen that person to be you
What have you done to me 
Why have you chosen me to love
Why do I love you this way. 

Thursday, 13 October 2016



Well,  I was born into a home where Respect for elders is paramount. I remember my mum spanking me seriously for not greeting a neighbor one morning. Respect for elders is very important, whether we like it or not.

But,  people have abused this In our church setting. I see people kneeling and lying down to talk to their leader In church. I am not against it atall.. Some cultures in Nigeria require that you postrate to greet an elder and I am in support of our cultural values. Some people have grown with that mentality and they kneel or even roll on the floor to greet their elders.
My problem is when you force me to lie down because some other persons are doing so. Is that not "onye iru abuo" (hypocrisy ). If I have respect and a good home training,  I don't have to lie down to greet you,  If I do, it might be for people to see and it's not from my heart. Just allow me to respect you in my own way,  it might be bending my neck or my knees but please don't say I have disrespected my pastor because I didn't lie down to greet him or her.
Respect should come from your heart and not because someone is watching. I respect the whites for this,  they can't do it because others are doing it and that is my kind of person.

 I know about respect and I respect people alot especially people that have gone ahead of me spiritually. Allow me to respect them the way I feel and not out of fear of people criticizing me.

Another concern is in the place of prayer(especially worship) . People, when they are in the spirit can do alot just to show humility to God.  I do kneel or even lie down when worshipping,  but it is always from my heart. My brothers and sisters, you don't have roll on the floor to worship God, it's not a criteria for God to accept your worship,  If you're always doing that because people are doing it then it's useless. When you worship,  don't even do what others are doing, do it the way you feel at the moment.  Don't look at the church and copy. Let it come from your heart.

Humility pays alot.  "God humbles the proud and lifts up the humble"

If your humility isn't from your heart then it's useless,  you cannot deceive God my dear. Better start asking for forgiveness.

My overall point:
Don't do it because people are looking at you.
Do it because you really want to do it.

Good morning everyone
>>Otihi Emmanuel

On the Arrest of Judges

On the Arrest of Judges.

Well,  I am not in the Judicial arm of Government neither am I a Lawyer or Barrister or a judge.
But I am A Nigerian.

The arrest of these Judges by the Department of State Security have been the news for some time now and everyone has something to say.
The Federal Government is defending its action,  the Judges are angry and disappointed by this same action.
What has happened to us?

Is the Judicial system corrupt? I'll say Yes
Are they immune to Arrest?  No
Do I support the method of arrest? No

The DSS should've been more professional and would've followed the normal procedural processes. They got the arrest warrant (Ofcourse they did get it from the President who seriously wants to fight the corrupt judges) and they went ahead to make the arrest.
They shouldn't have broken into those houses and destroyed those stuffs and still Arrest away the judges.

But If due process was followed,  the judges would've had more time to hide the alleged money that was found and might even travel out of the country. Not that I support the process taken by the DSS but for a country that wants to rid itself of corruption,  some rules and protocols must be broken.

We are tired of the system in Nigeria.
We are tired of seeing innocent people being sent to prison and the real thieves lives in their mansion.
We're tired of the corrupt people being given freedom.

In Nigeria,  poor people are thrown into jail and we're all shouting that they deserve it because they steal one thousand naira. The real thieves are been probed and we are here saying that it wasn't the right thing to be done.

Let the judges be investigated properly so that others will learn. We must change this country by all means.

But my pain is that those that will replace them will still be as bad as the old ones. And the cycle continues.

But we will overcome one day

Long Live Nigeria
I am a Nigerian.

>>Otihi Emmanuel

Wednesday, 12 October 2016



Makes you smile
Gives you Life

Brings happiness
Takes away sadness

Gives you the truth
Tells you from the Root

Makes you cry
and then you wonder why

Comes in as a stranger
Then walks around you as a Ranger

Teaches you how to Love
Tells you life isn't that Tough

Happy when you're happy
Cries with you when life becomes sloppy

Comes in when all is well
Stays when your life is like hell

Fights for you during your struggle
Defends you if you're in trouble

Brings out the best in you
believes in you when you're at your worst too

#Random Thoughts

Monday, 10 October 2016

The Unknown

Hidden yet Seen by everyone
True yet I don't believe it
Blind yet could see your heart
Numb yet inflicts the greatest pain

Great yet can be compressed into a small heart
Good yet it is turned into evil
Strong yet makes the greatest man weak
Gives Life yet makes People lifeless.

Costly yet can be bought with just a look
Precious yet is regarded as nothing
Beautiful yet can be found in the heart of the ugliest
Adored yet is treated without care

I don't know what is really is..

>> Otihi Emmanuel

Thursday, 6 October 2016



Yes,  the country is messed up.
Yes,  corruption has eaten up the Nation even to its very fabric.
Yes,  the economic status of the country is a big shame.
Yes,  Elections cannot be won in a free and fair atmosphere in the Nation.
Yes,  our monies are being stolen and taken to Overseas.
Yes, we are suffering from Poverty in the country. The rich are getting richer and the poor,  poorer.
Yes the Niger Delta Region is not safe because of Militancy,  Niger Delta Avengers and Kidnappers.
Yes,  the NorthWest is very Unsafe because if Terrorists.
Yes,  it's like the Leaders are not listening to our cry.
Yes, it's like we are not being taken care of.
It's like the higher 0.1percent of the population have 90percent of the wealth.

I know that we really need Change, not a change in government but a change in Mindset.
Mindset of the Leaders.

But above all these issues,  there is always HOPE.

Let's shun Party patriotism
Let's shun Corruption
Let's shun Ethnic crises and tribalism.
Let's shun Militancy and Terrorism
Let's shun every form of Malpractice
Let's shun every form of stealing.

Let's embrace Peace
Let's embrace Patriotism
Let's embrace Truth and Fairness

Let's keep believing in the country.
Let's keep having FAITH in God.
Let's not give up too easily,  there is always hope.
Let's not condemn the country to death.
We can still make something happen.
We can still make a better NATION.
We can still be that COUNTRY we have always dream of.
We can still be a better NIGERIA.




I'm Back

After going off for almost 4years, I'm glad to announce to my friends,  family and fans and to the general public that I am back.

I am committed to make this blog better and bigger by God's special grace. We will work together as one to make sure this blog doesn't go off again.

Special thanks to my very good friend and course mate,  Deborah. She is a big part of this.
Right now,  the site is going through some work and I urge everyone to have a little patience as my team will fix the blog and make it better for everyone.

Let's also expect good articles and write ups soon,  not just from me but from great minds all over the world.

Let's continue to live together in peace and fight anything that'll bring seperation to our dear country. We can do it together as a Nation


                                              Otihi Emmanuel 

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

RCCG 2012 HOLY GHOST CONGRESS- Welcome Massage

Welcome MessageWe are delighted to, once again, welcome you to anther Congress. We thank the Almighty God, the God of Signs and Wonders, for sparing our lives over the 12 months to see this year’s Congress.

With the theme SIGNS AND WONDERS, we are in for some divine surprises. Nothing is too difficult for our God. He is the Almighty and sure to do as He has declared. Are you expectant? The expectations of the righteous shall not be cut off. As you seek Him prayerfully, He will surely answer you.

God has specially put this Congress together for you. There will be a time to teach from the word of God, a time to preach, a time to pray and a time for personal ministration during the morning and evening sessions. There will also be teachings on marriage, home management, business, career and related issues of day-to-day living by experts in various fields during the afternoon sessions. The programme opens with an evening session on Monday followed by the first afternoon session on Tuesday and the first Morning Session on Wednesday. The evening session will run on all six days while the other afternoon session will run on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. The   other morning sessions will run on Thursday, Friday and Saturday in addition to Wednesday. You may go to the detailed daily programme page on this website.

‘’With the theme SIGNS AND WONDERS, We are in for some divine surprises. Nothing is too difficult for our God. He is Almighty and sure to do as has He declared.’’

As expected, there will be so many people at this Congress but God can reach you personally. Focus on Him and prayerfully part-take in all the programmes. Your miracles are around the corner. Just trust the Lord and diligently wait upon Him.  Happy Congress 2012. Welcome to awesome moments with the God of Signs and Wonders.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Stop Gaza Invasion, South Africa Warns Israel

South Africa has urged Israel not to invade the Gaza strip, while at the same time calling on Palestinian militants to immediately cease firing rockets into the Jewish state.South Africa wants peace in the region and has been in constant touch with Middle Eastern leaders, including the President of Egypt, Mohamed Morsi. Government will also be meeting South Africa's Jewish Board of Deputies this week.Israel and Hamas-linked fighters based in Gaza have been locked in hostilities for the past few days. According to reports at least 108 Palestinians have died in Israeli air strikes, while at least three Israelis have died in rocket attacks from Gaza.
At the weekend, Israeli called up at least 75 000 military reservists, with an invasion of Gaza seemingly imminent.
At a media conference on Tuesday, International Relations and Co-operation Minister, Maite Nkoana-Mshabane, described the call-ups as ominous.
She spoke out against an invasion of Gaza.
"The South African government accordingly appeals to the Government of Israel to refrain from such a fatal step which will not only result in the inevitable loss of a large number of both Palestinian and Israeli lives - but also further inflame sentiments in an already volatile situation," she said.
Referring to the death of Hamas member Ramez Harb, who, in violation of international law, was killed in a targeted Israeli air strike, Nkoana-Mshabane stressed that South Africa wanted to raise its concern about extra-judicial killings.
She also appealed to Hamas to scale down the bombings, which she said wasn't necessarily helpful.
Nkoana-Mshabane said that Israel's continued illegal occupation of Palestinian land, especially the continuing blockade of Gaza, was at the heart of the conflict.
"The South African Government therefore urges the Israeli Government to halt these policies as they are an obstacle to negotiations for peace and contrary to international law."
She added that a long-term solution to the problem was to go back to basics. Israel should stop illegal settlements. Palestinians were saying there would be no land to negotiate about if their settlements were not stopped.
With regards to Syria, which has been wracked by an insurrection against the government of President Bashar al-Assad, she said South Africa's position had not changed.
"South Africa does not agree with regime change."
South Africa condemned all forms of violence for political change and believed there was no justification for at least 30 000 people being slaughtered in the Syrian conflict.

Girl who Slept For 64 Days

A girl who slept for 64 days is being compared to a real-life sleeping beauty after appearing on “The Jeff Probst Show” to discuss a condition known as Kleine–Levin syndrome, KLS, or Sleeping Beauty syndrome, which causes her to sleep excessively. During her longest sleeping episode, 17-year-old Nicole Delien slept nearly non-stop from Thanksgiving until the following year and missed all the holiday festivities.
The girl who slept for 64 days has two younger siblings, a brother and a sister. Fortunately, they do not suffer from the condition.
The teen said she missed a family vacation to Disney World due to her condition and has slept through birthdays and Christmas. During her sleeping spells, she wakes up to eat and use the bathroom. However, she remains in a sleep-like state even when briefly awake.
Young males are the typical victims of the disorder, which is often characterized by “‘ … disorientation, hallucination, child-like behaviour, binge-eating and periods of hyper-sexuality when awake,’ according to an Oxford Journals report,” according to information made available by Daily Mail on Nov. 18, 2012. It is also marked by depression in female sufferers.
Medication has helped the girl who slept for 64 days improve her condition, but she has yet to discover a cure. The medication helps make her sleeping spells happen less frequently. The cause of Kleine–Levin syndrome, KLS, or Sleeping Beauty syndrome, is unknown. However, some believe it may be caused by an autoimmune disorder or a hereditary component.