Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Girl who Slept For 64 Days

A girl who slept for 64 days is being compared to a real-life sleeping beauty after appearing on “The Jeff Probst Show” to discuss a condition known as Kleine–Levin syndrome, KLS, or Sleeping Beauty syndrome, which causes her to sleep excessively. During her longest sleeping episode, 17-year-old Nicole Delien slept nearly non-stop from Thanksgiving until the following year and missed all the holiday festivities.
The girl who slept for 64 days has two younger siblings, a brother and a sister. Fortunately, they do not suffer from the condition.
The teen said she missed a family vacation to Disney World due to her condition and has slept through birthdays and Christmas. During her sleeping spells, she wakes up to eat and use the bathroom. However, she remains in a sleep-like state even when briefly awake.
Young males are the typical victims of the disorder, which is often characterized by “‘ … disorientation, hallucination, child-like behaviour, binge-eating and periods of hyper-sexuality when awake,’ according to an Oxford Journals report,” according to information made available by Daily Mail on Nov. 18, 2012. It is also marked by depression in female sufferers.
Medication has helped the girl who slept for 64 days improve her condition, but she has yet to discover a cure. The medication helps make her sleeping spells happen less frequently. The cause of Kleine–Levin syndrome, KLS, or Sleeping Beauty syndrome, is unknown. However, some believe it may be caused by an autoimmune disorder or a hereditary component.

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