Thursday, 6 October 2016

I'm Back

After going off for almost 4years, I'm glad to announce to my friends,  family and fans and to the general public that I am back.

I am committed to make this blog better and bigger by God's special grace. We will work together as one to make sure this blog doesn't go off again.

Special thanks to my very good friend and course mate,  Deborah. She is a big part of this.
Right now,  the site is going through some work and I urge everyone to have a little patience as my team will fix the blog and make it better for everyone.

Let's also expect good articles and write ups soon,  not just from me but from great minds all over the world.

Let's continue to live together in peace and fight anything that'll bring seperation to our dear country. We can do it together as a Nation


                                              Otihi Emmanuel 

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