Thursday, 13 October 2016



Well,  I was born into a home where Respect for elders is paramount. I remember my mum spanking me seriously for not greeting a neighbor one morning. Respect for elders is very important, whether we like it or not.

But,  people have abused this In our church setting. I see people kneeling and lying down to talk to their leader In church. I am not against it atall.. Some cultures in Nigeria require that you postrate to greet an elder and I am in support of our cultural values. Some people have grown with that mentality and they kneel or even roll on the floor to greet their elders.
My problem is when you force me to lie down because some other persons are doing so. Is that not "onye iru abuo" (hypocrisy ). If I have respect and a good home training,  I don't have to lie down to greet you,  If I do, it might be for people to see and it's not from my heart. Just allow me to respect you in my own way,  it might be bending my neck or my knees but please don't say I have disrespected my pastor because I didn't lie down to greet him or her.
Respect should come from your heart and not because someone is watching. I respect the whites for this,  they can't do it because others are doing it and that is my kind of person.

 I know about respect and I respect people alot especially people that have gone ahead of me spiritually. Allow me to respect them the way I feel and not out of fear of people criticizing me.

Another concern is in the place of prayer(especially worship) . People, when they are in the spirit can do alot just to show humility to God.  I do kneel or even lie down when worshipping,  but it is always from my heart. My brothers and sisters, you don't have roll on the floor to worship God, it's not a criteria for God to accept your worship,  If you're always doing that because people are doing it then it's useless. When you worship,  don't even do what others are doing, do it the way you feel at the moment.  Don't look at the church and copy. Let it come from your heart.

Humility pays alot.  "God humbles the proud and lifts up the humble"

If your humility isn't from your heart then it's useless,  you cannot deceive God my dear. Better start asking for forgiveness.

My overall point:
Don't do it because people are looking at you.
Do it because you really want to do it.

Good morning everyone
>>Otihi Emmanuel

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