Thursday, 13 October 2016

On the Arrest of Judges

On the Arrest of Judges.

Well,  I am not in the Judicial arm of Government neither am I a Lawyer or Barrister or a judge.
But I am A Nigerian.

The arrest of these Judges by the Department of State Security have been the news for some time now and everyone has something to say.
The Federal Government is defending its action,  the Judges are angry and disappointed by this same action.
What has happened to us?

Is the Judicial system corrupt? I'll say Yes
Are they immune to Arrest?  No
Do I support the method of arrest? No

The DSS should've been more professional and would've followed the normal procedural processes. They got the arrest warrant (Ofcourse they did get it from the President who seriously wants to fight the corrupt judges) and they went ahead to make the arrest.
They shouldn't have broken into those houses and destroyed those stuffs and still Arrest away the judges.

But If due process was followed,  the judges would've had more time to hide the alleged money that was found and might even travel out of the country. Not that I support the process taken by the DSS but for a country that wants to rid itself of corruption,  some rules and protocols must be broken.

We are tired of the system in Nigeria.
We are tired of seeing innocent people being sent to prison and the real thieves lives in their mansion.
We're tired of the corrupt people being given freedom.

In Nigeria,  poor people are thrown into jail and we're all shouting that they deserve it because they steal one thousand naira. The real thieves are been probed and we are here saying that it wasn't the right thing to be done.

Let the judges be investigated properly so that others will learn. We must change this country by all means.

But my pain is that those that will replace them will still be as bad as the old ones. And the cycle continues.

But we will overcome one day

Long Live Nigeria
I am a Nigerian.

>>Otihi Emmanuel

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